GemSelections Pankaj Khanna Sh. Pankaj Khanna who is a renowned Astrologer is also a Certified Gemologist and Jewellery Valuer. He has strived hard all his life so that people are able to get:

Since inception the moto of Gem Selections(Aunit of khanna Gems privete ltd)has been to provide 100% natural, pure and certified gemstones to its customers. Over a period of time it is our endeavor to be a benchmark of quality for all the products and services offered by us.

With this moto the Khanna Gems Pvt ltd has developed a vast base of 100% satisfied customers across the length and breadth of India and also in foreign lands.

Its director Pankaj Khanna is a renowned Astrologer and Gemologist and all the products sold by Gem Selections are first carefully examined and tested by a team of trained Gemologists under the leadership of Pankaj Khanna. Once they are satisfied that the stones are original and natural gems then each stone is sent to IGI-GTL,the esteemed Government Gem testing Lab in India and only after receiving Government certificate, that the stone is original ,the Gem stone becomes a part of Pankaj Khanna Jee’s coveted collection of Gem stones which has been growing carat by carat since 1987.
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With one of the largest Manik Stone collections, You are sure to get the Manik Stone you want at Gem selections(unit of Khanna Gems private limited)

At GemSelections(unit of Khanna Gems private limited )Manik Stone are available in the sizes ranging from 3rt to 11 rt. Fine Manik Stone are available at Gem Selections from Rs.1100 per ratti to Rs.35000 per ratti.

You can see vast range of Manik Stone and select the Gemstone as per your budgetand buy Manik Stone in the comfort of your home online from

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• Our app Gem selections available for all androids and IOS Devices
If you want to get first class feel of the gemstone you can also visit our showroom:
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The prices at GemSelections(unit of Khanna Gems private limited) are reasonable and competitive .

GemSelections(unit of Khanna Gems private limited) accepts all Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Cash Cards, Paypal, Bank Deposits

At GemSelections(unit of Khanna Gems private limited) everything is done in a systematic manner where along with original gem and Government Lab Certificate the customer can also get ring or pendent made in our in house manufacturing unit and as all the gemstones are abhimantrit at GemSelections (unit of Khanna Gems private limited) by performing proper rituals by Pankaj Khanna Jee and his team.

Once the gemstone is ready then the customer is given detailed guidance by Pankaj Khanna or Gem selections team about how and when, time and day, to wear Manik Stone

Customer is also provided a hardcopy of the detailed procedure of wearing the Manik Stone and what Mantras to be recited at the time of wearing Manik Stone

Privacy: • Whether you purchase the stone from our store or Our ecomsite Or our app Gem selections ,we ensure complete privacy and 100% satisfaction.

Pankaj Khanna is a firm believer in ensuring complete privacy of the information provided by the customer and as far online payments are concerned our site is secured and all the payments are handled by expert industry-leading third party providers (payment gateways) that specialize in that field .

Manik Stone or Ruby Gemstone as it is called in English is a Precious Gemstone which is often seen in the Right Hand Ring Finger of both males and females. It is a very good ring stone as it does not get scratched easily.

This is the Gemstone for Sun i.e., Surya. Wearing this stone strengthens Sun and makes the person have a better concentration of mind. We all know that a person with a good concentration and a long span of concentration is able to excel in what ever field of activity he is in. He can be a good player, student, administrator, actor and so on.

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