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Manik Stone

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Manik Stone or Ruby Gemstone as it is called in English is a Precious Gemstone which is often seen in the Right Hand Ring Finger of both males and females. It is a very good ring stone as it does not get scratched easily.

This is the Gemstone for Sun i.e., Surya. Wearing this stone strengthens Sun and makes the person have a better concentration of mind. We all know that a person with a good concentration and a long span of concentration is able to excel in what ever field of activity he is in. He can be a good player, student, administrator, actor and so on.
Manik Stone
In Hindu Astrology Surya is the Karka for the Skeleton System, Manik Stone being the Gemstone of Surya strengthens the Skeleton System and improves the general constitution of the person. Those suffering from a weak digestive system and low RBC count get great benefit from this Gemstone. Charak the famous Ayurveda writer was of the view that a Big Manik Stone if worn as a pendant empowers the Heart and slows down the aging process.In certain cases I have used this Gem to help reduce the weight of a person and I have seen commendable results.

Manik Stone is the basic Birthstone for those born in Leo i.e., Simha Lagna. It is the fifth lord for Aries i.e., Mesh Lagna and ninth lord for Sagittarius i.e., Dhanu Lagna thus the bhagya karka so those born in these two lagna should also wear a good Manik Stone of 3.25 ratti and above.

Manik Stone is very useful for people facing problems with seniors - can be a Boss, a Govt. Official, Father, Husband, Mother in law or any person in a position stronger than you. By wearing this Gemstone one gives power to the Natal Sun and it becomes easier to handle a dominating Senior. I have been using this Gemstone on a regular basis and always found great results.

As this is the Gemstone of Surya the most powerful member of our solar system, it can give results when all other Gems fail to make an impact. This Gemstone gives fame, power, money and social status.

When buying a Manik Stone on should be careful as Treated Manik Stones or Heat Treated Ruby Stones are being sold in the market as Burma Manik or Burma Ruby.

Glass Filled Ruby Manik stone is a Surya Ratna and also known in different language like Ruby in hindi is Manik, In English is Ruby and In Urdu is Surkhh. Ruby is knows as Surya gift. Ruby gives us creativity, confidence and spiritual powers which make us internal strong. If you are going to this condition like lack of confidence it improves rapidly and come out to you in this condition which is facing by you.

A very famous Manik stone ring was given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton. It was an 8.24 carat ruby, surrounded by diamonds and set in gold.

Manik stone is support to you when you are going ready in political carrier, artistic competition, performance in business and government opportunity.

Manik stone was discovered that the dark core would disappear after heat treatment and only the deep red would remain,

African mines fine and clear Manik stone in good colour and size are rarely found. Usually the qualities mined are more or less simple average.

Manik Stone It was reputed to bring the wearer peace, drive away frightful dreams, restrain lust, and to help resolve disputes. Not only was the wearer or carrier of this precious stone protected from all perils,

Manik stone can appear similar to other red gemstones such asalmandite garnet and pyrope garnet. Spinel, topaz,tourmaline.

In traditional Hindu belief systems, Manik stone is associated with Muladhara, or the base chakra. This chakra is concerned with Kundalini; spiritual energy, the power of pure desire, divine consciousness,

its energy to give your life the boost it needs to enhance your standing in the community and within your family.

Manik stone is also irradiated and treated with diffusion to enhance the colour. Other enhancements include fracture filling with lead glass

Metal setting for Manik : Copper and Gold, “if we are suggesting to you then our answer is Gold because Gold is more suitable metal for Manik.

it is thought by some to be a stone of love with an aphrodisiac effect. Manik stone has long been attributed with the ability to protect its wearer from injury and to cure blood disorders including menstrual pain and circulatory problems.

• If you are in bed condition like atheism, depression, fear of success, heart and spine and lack of confidence then the Manik stone is the solutions. This is standard practice in the jewelry industry and is accepted by the American Gem Trade Association Manik stone might not be an engagement Ring but in heart shape that could be possible in Ring finger but made with other support gemstone.

In Indian style jewellery, Manik stone are often mixed with emeralds and diamonds. Gold settings provide a striking contrast to the red of Manik stone. Manik Stone

Manik stone were once thought to protect against venereal diseases. In the Middle Ages it was the protective stone of the prostitutes of Les Halles

According to someone Chart You may wear a Manik stone without any confusion, If You are going to focus in your business and carrier then in this happening you have to wear 8.25 ratti Manik stone in index Finger made in Copper metal and as well as if you have budget then you should wear a Pearl 9.25 ratti.

Manik stone is most common in oval and round shapes. Other shapes may be difficult to find in sizes above a carat.

The Manik stone’s natural color must be confirmed by a laboratory report if it is to command a premium.

Manik stone is also irradiated and treated with diffusion to enhance the colour he name ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which means “red.”

Manik Stone Manik stone has long been attributed with the ability to protect its wearer from injury and to cure blood disorders including menstrual pain and circulatory problems.

Manik stone is the epitome of the boldest of colors.

Manik stone is one of the most historically significant colored stones.

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Manik Stone

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Manik Stone

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